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    18 Moments When Peggy Olson Was A Total Badass

    Move over, Don Draper, because this lady is way ballsier than you'll ever be.

    1. When Peggy said exactly the right thing, at exactly the right moment.

    2. When this happened with Pete.

    3. When Peggy confronted Pete about the fact that they had an affair, and he's treating her like shit.

    4. When Peggy's forced to come up with a line for "The Rejuvenator," which is clearly just a vibrator.

    5. When Peggy got high with the boys.

    6. When Peggy had an affair with Duck, a much older man.

    7. When Roger treated Peggy like his own personal secretary and she shut. it. down.

    8. When Peggy rode this motorcycle, like a boss.

    9. When Peggy stripped down to prove a point.

    10. When Don fell asleep on Peggy's lap after she confronts him about his drinking. Then she keeps on drinking.

    11. When Joyce licked Peggy's face and she looked over at Stan like this.

    12. When Peggy's mistaken for a secretary and she called the guy out.

    13. That time when she successfully talked Roger into paying her 400 dollars for copy.

    14. When Peggy gave a stranger a handski during a movie.

    15. When Peggy walked into a room and said this.

    16. And then there's that time when Peggy gave a great pitch, and Don responded by treating her like a whore...

    Which leads her to reevaluate her life choices, because, really, throwing money in her face is some crazy bullshit.

    And she decides to take a job elsewhere, effectively ruining Don's life.

    The real gold, though, is her smile as she leaves Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce for the last time.

    17. There's also that time when Peggy grooved so hard that she created her own epic dance move.

    18. And, ya know, anytime she made this knowing face.