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    18 Fabulous Cats Who Believe In Marriage Equality

    They've got plenty of reasons for it, too.

    1. The cat who's finally ready to let his gay flag fly.

    2. The cat who wants her neighbors to see pride every time they look out the window.

    3. The cat who thinks this debate is all quite boring, frankly, because the truth is pretty simple.

    4. The former beauty-queen-turned-activist who's taking a stand for free publicity.

    5. The cute kitty couple who don't want to be controversial but let their fab rug do the talking.

    6. This fashionista who has a feeling that equality will be all the rage this season.

    7. The cat who refuses to leave this equality bag until his demands are met.

    8. This hungover cat who wants to level out his buzz with a hit off the equality pipe.

    9. The cat who stared into the light and found a rainbow of happy love smiling back.

    10. The cat who thinks closets are for clothes.

    11. This rockstar who loves gays so much he dyed his mohawk hat.

    12. This cat who's excited to play bridesmaid at her friends' gay weddings.

    13. The gay cats who think if Britney Spears can get married for a night, they should be able to.

    14. The cat who just looked in the mirror and saw the rainbow truth staring right back.

    15. The cat who wears her love for gay marriage around her neck.

    16. The kitten who wants to knit the world one big rainbow sweater.

    17. The cat who just wants to be free to express himself in the open.

    18. And the cat who feels he was just born this beautiful way.