18 Breakup Letters That Will Make You Happy To Be Single

Who needs face-to-face contact when you can put it all in a letter that lasts forever?

1. The letter from a person who found his one true love, and her name is coffee.

2. The letter from someone who clearly doesn’t know how to take a joke.

3. The letter that looks to the future for inspiration.

4. The letter that starts out as an elaborate compliment, and ends in confusing demise.

5. The letter from a guy who can draw a super cute giraffe, and that’s about it.

6. The letter from the concerned citizens of Chicago.

7. The letter from a gang groupie.

8. The letter to a girl on OkCupid who is thankful she never met this psycho.

9. The letter disguised as a personal ad from someone who’s desperately seeking someone else.

10. The letter that’s too important not to put on a billboard.

11. The letter from a democrat.

12. The letter that says a thousand words by only using sixteen.

13. The letter from a grammar queen.

14. The letter sealed with a kiss and some honesty.

15. The letter from a girl who won’t be working at 5 Guys anymore.

16. The letter from a girl who clearly doesn’t understand curve appeal.

17. The letter from 1943.

How awesome was the handwriting back then?!

18. And the letter from a kid who doesn’t want to know what two months of love looks like.

Tough break, sounds like it was a great month though!

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