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    17 Very Relatable Things For People Who Only Do The Bare Minimum

    Can't stop, won't stop.

    1. When you get absolutely exhausted by actually doing something:

    teenagequotes / Via

    2. When you're asked to do math:

    3. When you wear something again because fuck it:

    youuglyyy / Via

    4. When you simply can't be bothered:

    amemelaugh / Via

    5. When people try to tell you how to live your life:

    icyassbish / Via

    6. When you really do put in an honest effort:

    icyassbish / Via

    7. When people suggest you develop some hobbies:

    senorapantalonesazules / Via

    8. When your friends are already at the restaurant:

    lazygre / Via

    9. When you have a typical day and need a damn nap:

    monkey_pickles / Via

    10. When you think about setting some goals:

    cynthialeu / Via

    11. When you lose track of time and space, which is often:

    FOX / Via

    12. When you cancel plans, because reasons:

    Extra / Via

    13. When you go into work, pretty much every day:

    Oprah / Via

    14. When you need to practice some self care:

    netiebee / Via

    15. When people ask about what you want in the future:

    Hulu / Via

    16. When something unfortunate happens:

    senorapantalonesazules / Via

    17. And when you actually do accomplish something:

    jktr42 / Via

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