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17 Savage Responses That Are Absolutely Hilarious

All of these deserve awards.

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1. When this person got the answer they didn't know they wanted:

2. When this Aunt learned her damn lesson:

3. When this woman wanted to spice things up:

4. When this person found the perfect hiding spot:


5. When this pickup line went horribly awry:

6. When some brilliant user submitted this savage critique:

7. When Tom from Myspace was too real:

8. When this dick pic got the perfect response:


9. When Wendy's just shut it down: / Via Tumblr

10. When this perfect Halloween suggestion happened: / Via Yik Yak

11. And this grammar correction:

12. When this happened:


13. When Tim had a really valid point:

14. When this exchange ended it all:

15. When your mom knew about Tinder before you did:

16. When Bing turned out to be a man:

maxolines / tumblr / / Via

17. And when we saw into Leo DiCaprio's nightmares: