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    16 Amazing Mandy Patinkin Quotes That Will Change Your Life

    This man is the wise grandfather we all wish we had.

    1. How to cure the common cold:

    2. On taking action:

    3. On marriage:

    4. On orgasms:

    5. The importance of embracing your culture:

    6. On having children:

    7. On how he's changed:

    8. On violence in TV:

    9. On religion:

    10. On happiness:

    11. The most important words in his life:

    12. The reason we should all be a little more patient:

    13. Why he took the role of Inigo Montoya in "The Princess Bride":

    14. What makes a great writer:

    15. How Mandy picks his acting and singing roles:

    16. And when he said this on "Homeland," because chances are we've all thought this about someone before: