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15 Things You Didn't Know About Peanut Butter

Can you guess if America prefers crunchy or creamy?

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2. Sales numbers have shown that people who live on the East Coast prefer smooth, while people on the West Coast prefer their peanut butter crunchy.

3. Of all the peanut butter sold in the U.S. though, 80% is smooth, while only 17% is crunchy.

The other 3% accounts for all of those whacky peanut butter varieties, like chocolate peanut butter, and peanut butter mixed with jelly.


5. When peanut butter was first made, it used different, more flavorful peanuts.

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According to Jon Krampner, author of Creamy and Crunchy: An Informal History of Peanut Butter, before the 1960s, the peanuts used were Spanish and Virginia varieties, which were more flavorful. The peanuts used today are called "runners," and they're used because they're cheaper and easier to mass produce.

6. Eat up! Studies have shown that peanut butter can lower cholesterol, prevent type 2 diabetes, and aid in weight loss.

::: runs to cupboard :::

7. And a Harvard Medical School study showed that regularly eating peanut butter can improve your breast health. (Huzzah!)

The study showed that girls between 9 and 15 who ate more peanut butter were 39% less likely to develop benign breast disease by age 30. And benign breast disease often develops into breast cancer.


9. In order to eat a peanut butter sandwich in space, you have to eat it on a tortilla.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield showed us that the peanut butter is squeezed onto the tortilla — which doesn't create crumbs that could float into the zero gravity environment, like traditional bread would do.

12. In small amounts, peanut butter is actually good for your pooch.

So long as it's natural and low in sugar, peanut butter is packed with B vitamins, which can help improve their immune systems.


13. The largest peanut butter cups that Reese's makes are each a half pound, and come in a one pound package.

Tastiest gift ever.

15. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, Reese's is pronounced "REES-IS" and not "REE-SEES."

It's true! H.B. Reese named the candy after himself, and to pronounce it as "REE-SEES" is just not being true to his name.