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    15 Moments When Mariah Carey Thought A Shirt Was A Dress

    Mimi sure does forget to wear pants a lot. Poor lamb.

    1. That time she stole one of Nicole Kidman's tanks from Moulin Rouge and hit the note that only dog's can hear.

    2. That time she decided to sit on the Easter bunny with a glass of champagne.

    3. When she met Santa and found a red shirt to match his jolly suit!

    4. That time she just wanted to show her Chicago pride, or whatever, and forgot her pants.

    5. When she shot the video for "We Belong Together" and was just like, "Lambs, here I am, in this cropped kaftan."

    6. Or when she was in the "#Beautiful" video and lifted up her tee to reveal her vajee.

    7. That time she was on stage with some little girl in Australia and forgot her pants.

    8. That time she went to a Make-A-Wish foundation event and pulled her shirt down just enough.

    9. When she picked this glittery blue shirt to wear to the "VH1 Divas 2000: Tribute to Diana Ross," and no one told her it was not a dress.

    10. And then she did a costume change at the same event into this other sparkly tee.

    11. When she defaced a bunch of disco balls, and even Nick Cannon was like, OH MY GAH, WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?!

    12. Or when she did the video for "Touch My Body" and lost the bottom half of her metallic-schoolgirl-alien costume.

    13. When she skinned a snake, and had just enough material for a shirt.

    14. When they were filming the "Don't Forget About Us" video and she was just like, "Ooops! No pants!"

    15. And that time she found a zip up hoodie in her closet and wore it as a dress.