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Updated on Aug 23, 2020. Posted on Dec 27, 2014

Teen Girl's Christmas Note To Her Divorced Dad Will Make You Smile

"I feel the most relaxed and comfortable when I am at your house."

Imgur user nuthabrickindawall says his 14-year-old daughter gave him this touching letter for Christmas.

Dear Daddy, Merry Christmas!! I know that this year the divorce was hard on us, but at the same time I feel like it brought you and me closer together. I feel like I could really tell you anything now, and I feel the most relaxed and comfortable when I am at your house. In other words, that's why I usually ask to go to your house after dinner; it helps me to just have a moment to relax and have a loving, reassuring face to make me laugh. I love you so much Daddy!!

"My wife divorced me this year, tearing our family apart and breaking my heart," the Imgur user wrote.

"I adopted her daughter from her first marriage almost ten years ago. She is now 14-years-old. This is the letter she wrote to me for Christmas and my heart is exploding with pride and joy."

Excuse me, while I cry all of the happy tears for this father-daughter pair.



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