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14 Cats Who Are So Totally Celebrating Cinco De Gato

It's a purrfect day for a fiesta! Am I right?!

1. The cat who already has a splitting headache from all that tequila.

2. The cat who's not even sure where he is right now.

3. The cat who just realized he should've added a splash of color to his black-and-white look.

4. The cats who plan to use their claws on this piñata.

5. The cat who just remembered that he left his cell phone in the cab.

6. The cat who promised himself he wouldn't boot this year.

7. The cat who spilled her tequila shot all over the bar.

8. The cat whose party is officially sponsored by Corona.

9. The cat who looks terrible in sombreros, but bought one to be festive.

10. The cat who's already getting a ton of compliments on his party hat.

11. The cat who realized his drink was probably laced with something.

12. The cat who just wants a nap, man.

13. The cat who's feeling pretty smug, because he just ordered extra guac for his chips.

14. And the life of the party who's being escorted out of the bar by a large bouncer.