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    Mar 7, 2013

    13 Bike Accessories To Help You Get Drunk

    Or, rather, accessories to help you get to a next location so you can get drunk there.


    This post does not condone drinking and biking. Please don't do that.

    1. The 6-Pack bike frame clasp, so your bottles are always right where your legs can see 'em.

    2. The stainless steel leather flask with a clip, so you can attach it to your keychain and/or belt loop.

    Happiness can be right in your pocket, or next to it. Whatever.

    3. Ring in your love of peace, hearts, and cocktails with this fun bike bell.

    Beep, beep, I love drinking!

    4. Or go a little more hardcore with your bell and this Day of the Dead drinking skull.

    5. A cyclist is only as awesome as his leather can cage, I heard.

    6. Buckle your wine to your bike with these leather straps.

    7. Proudly display your love of drinking on the road with this Spaten Schrader valve cap.

    At only $5.00, that's a deal.

    8. Need some cuff links while you ride? Now you do, because these New Belgium beer cuff links demand it.

    9. While this Fat Tire beer can belt buckle won't get you drunk, it'll tell your fellow riders that you're down for a pit stop.

    10. Let your beer cozy up to a bike with this fab coozie, hand knit with drunken love, folks.

    11. This is a triple threat: It's a functioning bottle opener, keychain, and spreads the good biking word.

    12. After strapping your wine to your bike, save the rest with this handy bike cork.

    13. Want to carry some craft beer along for the ride? This gorgeous leather beer growler carrier will do the trick.

    Damn leather beer growler carrier, you looking awesome right about now.

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