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12 Outdated Items Every Twentysomething Should Own

A photo album that isn't on Facebook...? Sounds divine!

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1. Stationery to write actual letters.

There's a difference between getting an email versus an actual handwritten note. The difference being that one takes a touch more effort and will make the person who receives it feel like the most special person in the world.

Plus, stationery looks expensive, even though it doesn't have to be. Like this $9 set from Etsy.

2. A photo album that isn't on Facebook.

You'll be happy to have those printed-out photos that you — and whoever is in the room with you — can easily flip through together. And if they're embarrassing photos, it's better to have them in the safety of a physical album rather than on the internet. (Remember, kids, the internet is FOREVER. Or at least until the robots take over.)

3. An expansive book collection.

Flickr: ladymissmarquise / Via Creative Commons

Not that there's anything wrong with your Kindle Fire, but having a physical book to hold just feels different. And when people come over to your house, having a nice bookshelf will serve as a conversation starter.

4. A watch to tell the time.

Flickr: funfilledgeorgie / Via Creative Commons

It's become universally true that most everyone checks the time on their phone. But there will be times when a phone isn't allowed — like, say, a meeting at work — and being the only person with the physical watch will come in handy when someone asks for the time.


5. A physical address and phone book.

You can store things digitally until the Wi-Fi goes out, or you lose your iPhone, or the zombie apocalypse hits, or the TV show Revolution actually happens.

It's a small thing that can be super helpful when you need it. Plus, they also come pretty cheap, like the one above for under $10.

6. A Swiss army knife.

This is one of the most compact and useful things a person can own. It comes with scissors, a can opener, screwdrivers, a toothpick, tweezers, a blade, a bottle opener, and a corkscrew, easily making you the go-to person at parties.

7. A set of board games.

Don't get it twisted: Video games are amazing. But having physical games you can bust out with your friends and family is invaluable, especially if you're stuck in a power-outage situation. (Looking at you, snowstorms.)

8. A sewing kit to mend the small stuff.

It's not that you need to suddenly have skills to sew yourself a new shirt, but being able to mend a button on your own is important. Plus, you'll look like a total doofus if you bring in something to the tailor that you could've easily fixed yourself.


10. Reusable jars.

It's not only cool to use a mason jar for anything from storing food to drinking from it, but it's also good for the environment. Instead of a Ziploc bag, go for the glass jar. It will also look way cooler in your pantry than a bunch of plastic.