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    12 Lessons From "Now And Then" About Being A Woman

    Samantha, Chrissy, Teeny and Roberta can teach you everything you need to know!

    Lesson 1: "It" gets terrifyingly big and all women should probably steer clear.

    Lesson 2: Guys can get clingy after a hookup, so feel free to lay down the law.

    Lesson 3: Your vagine is a magical garden, just looking for the right tool.

    Lesson 4: Dancing on your bike with your friends is the best way to have fun and look fabosh.

    Lesson 5: Be careful with your fertile mouth.

    Lesson 6: Brendan Fraser is wise and should have his own advice column.

    Lesson 7: Always throw a punch to defend your friends.

    Lesson 8: This is what it looks like when a boy has a crush on you.

    Lesson 9: Everyone is effed, so stop worrying so much.

    Lesson 10: Growing up is going to turn you into a cynical, hot version of yourself.

    Lesson 11: Roberta is one lucky bitch.

    Lesson 12: Even if you're not Roberta, you can still be a lucky bitch.