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    11 Predictions For The Series Finale Of "Breaking Bad"

    AMC's Emmy-winning series is coming to a close this Sunday, Sept. 29, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, but plenty of questions still remain. Like, what is Walt's plan with the ricin? WARNING: Spoilers!

    The final episode of Breaking Bad is this Sunday, and AMC released this teaser trailer in anticipation.

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    It's a lot of recycled footage spliced together that presumably tease what's to come in the series finale, titled "Felina" (which is an anagram for "finale").

    We're not given any big hints, but based off of last week's episode, it's safe to say that there are some theories floating around about what's to come for Walter White. Here are my predictions:

    1. Walt will have figured out that the Nazis never killed Jesse, as they promised they would.

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    The Charlie Rose interview with Gray Matter tipped him off: Their signature blue meth is still on the market, which means that Jesse is still out there. After all this time, Walt is still a man you don't lie to — or mess with in any way. Now that the Nazis have disobeyed them, he's going to right that wrong.

    2. The feds will be on Walt's tail every step of the way back to New Mexico.

    AMC / Via

    He'll be en route to New Mexico, for sure, but he's still going to have to go through some hurdles to get back without being noticed. This will likely mean that he's going to kill innocent people to get to where he needs to go. (Not that it's an unfamiliar situation for him.)

    3. The guns and ammo will be used on Uncle Jack, and his band of merry Nazis.


    As noted in Salon, the official motto of New Hampshire, the Granite State, is “Live Free or Die.” Walt is going to take that attitude with him back to New Mexico, so he can take revenge on the men who stole his *life's work. (*READ: That missing $69 million in barrel cash.) He'll attack the compound, kill Uncle Jack, and anyone else left standing.

    4. Jesse will be killed by Walt.

    AMC / Via

    Walt is a man with nothing to lose — his family, money, and reputation are all gone. That's mainly because of his unraveling at the hands of Jesse. When Walt ordered the Nazis to kill Jesse, he meant it. He needs to make good on that threat, not only to once and for all squash the man who tried to take him down, but because it's what Skyler asked him to do. Killing Jesse won't just come because it needs to be done; it will almost be a way for Walt to put him out of his misery.

    To be fair to Jesse, who can't seem to catch any breaks ever, it's a safe bet that he'll also try to kill Walt as soon as he sees him. After all, he's got a lot of rage now — especially after seeing his ex get killed.

    5. Todd and Lydia will survive Walt's rampage, and go on to continue to do business together.

    AMC / Via

    Todd always had a deep respect for Walt, which could end up saving his life. Additionally, though, Uncle Jack might help Todd escape, in which case Todd will continue the meth business and take over the role of head Cook, while Lydia will maintain her position as the OCD tea-loving business associate.

    6. Huell is still waiting for Hank to come back.

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    Oh, Huell!

    7. And Carole will still be standing, frozen on the spot where Walt pinned her.


    Poor Carole!

    8. Walt will NOT get caught.

    AMC / Via

    Not in the traditional sense, anyway. He's not the kind of man to sit in prison; he'd rather be dead than behind bars. So, if he is caught, or taken into custody, he'll make sure to never set foot in a cell.

    9. Walt will return to see his family one last time, and after that, they'll be sent to live in witness protection.

    AMC / Via

    The only thing that Walt ever claimed to be motivated by was his family — even though things like power, influence, and money were clearly frontrunners as well. Nonetheless, he will go to see them, regardless of the cost, so that he can say one final good-bye, and to try to get what's left of his money to them. After that, Walt won't ever see them again.

    10. Walt is going to give an interview of his own.

    AMC / Via

    Now that Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz at Gray Matter have gone on the record to distance themselves from Walt, it's Walt's turn to step up to the plate and give an interview of his own. It will likely be a taped confession, but Walt will, in his own way, clear his family's name by sacrificing himself. He will confess to everything he's done, make it clear that Skyler had no clue what was going on, and potentially address the fact that walking away from Gray Matter changed the course of his life. In this way, his family won't have to face a trial, because he'll be putting himself on trial.

    11. Walter White is going to use the ricin on himself.

    AMC / Via

    We all know that Walt is a badass bitch. I mean, he's the great "Heisenberg," after all. But the truth is that he's also a bit of a coward — he couldn't even handle inserting a needle into his own arm for chemo in last week's episode. (Not that I blame him — it looked like it would sting.)

    With that in mind, it makes sense that the only way Walt's going down is on his own terms. In other words, he won't turn himself into the police; he won't go to trial. Instead, he'll take the ricin, because it's his own way out, with his very own weapon. He'll likely take the ricin when he knows he's completely cornered, and the only way out is to end it all. (Perhaps post-confession?)

    The series finale of Breaking Bad airs this Sunday, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

    AMC / Via

    I, for one, will be in the fetal position on my couch for the duration of the episode.

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