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11 Guys From Movies Who Don't Exist In Real Life

Even though the movies will tell you they do, trust us when we say that they don't.

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1. The selfless artist who just wants you to live your dreams and when the boat you're on sinks in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean he lets go of the board. (Even though there was totally room for two.)

3. The man who falls in love with a perfect stranger that he's never met, never seen and doesn't know anything about. At all.

Well, actually, we've seen that show Catfish. Maybe this guy does exist... (Looking at you, Manti Te'o.)


4. The guy who says things like, "As you wish!" and "I will always come for you," then safely leads you through something called a "fire swamp," which is filled with quicksand and rodents of an unusual size.

5. The guy who disowns his family, scales walls, recites poetry, wages a mini-war and drinks poison for you.

However, there are men who would wear that colorful shirt. They live in Florida and their name is grandpa.

10. The incredibly wealthy gentleman who's saving himself for you, can quote Shakespeare by heart, plays the piano, will protect you from the supernatural and loves to watch you sleep.

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