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    Jul 18, 2013

    10 "Teen Wolf" Secrets From Jeff Davis

    Can you guess who's getting a new love interest?! The show's creator gave me the scoop at Comic-Con 2013.

    This is Jeff Davis, the executive producer, head writer and creator of MTVs Teen Wolf.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    Davis took time out of his hectic Comic-Con schedule — including the show's panel, and MTV's "Party In The Dark" — to dish about the Sterek fans, his favorite comic series, and what's to come for the rest of Season 3.

    1. What Teen Wolf's first time at Comic-Con was like:

    Alexandra Wyman / Getty Images

    “It was a joke back then basically, and most of the people in the room were waiting for the next panel," Davis laughed. "Now the kids all have to walk around with security and literally they get stopped everywhere they go… It’s crazy how many people recognize them.”

    2. What makes this year's panel special:

    “This year we did a trailer specifically for Comic-Con. A mid-season trailer, which my editor Gabriel Fleming did, and it’s freaking awesome. It’s going to be really exciting to see the reaction. I love seeing immediate reactions from the fans.”

    The exclusive trailer comes along with the cast taking fan questions.

    3. Jeff's a massive Comic-Con veteran — he's even got a favorite comic book!

    “I used to come to Comic-Con before I was even in TV," Davis admitted. "So, I remember being here for one of the first Star Wars panels, when the prequels hadn’t even been released yet. It was starting to get crazy back then. I’ve been a huge comic book fan all my life … Garth Ennis is an amazing writer, his Punisher series was incredible, and Preacher, of course."

    Does that wolf look familiar, or... ?

    4. How Comic-Con helps Davis think about werewolves differently:

    “It’s partly about trying to do different things, and come up with different ways to see a werewolf," he said. "It comes back to Comic-Con characters. Like all the X-men, they’re not all psychics — one’s a psychic, one’s got claws coming out of his hands."

    5. Writing is like therapy for Davis:

    “One of the most fun characters right now is Peter Hale," he said. "And the reason is he’s a darker perspective, a cynical perspective, and for writers it’s almost like therapy. Being able to get that side of you out.”

    6. What Jeff thinks about the Sterek shippers:

    “I’ve learned a lot about slash fiction," he said. "It is amazing to me how passionate they are, and how inventive they are with creating an alternate universe, really, where all these other stories happen.”

    Hear that, fans? Ship your hearts out!

    7. What Davis thinks about Allison's badass transformation:

    "In Season 2, we really wanted to take her down a dark path," he said. "We wanted to mold her into Kate, essentially, and we wanted to see just how bad she could go. We wanted to make her a villain. And now we’re redeeming her.”

    8. What's the deal with Kali and those killer feet?!

    "I really wanted to make Kali a Bond villain, and someone who uses a different part of her body to attack," he said. "We basically sit in there and go, ‘What would be really cool?’ And I said 'I want to see a female werewolf who uses her feet, and the claws on her feet to kill people.' I think it’s cool," he laughed.

    9. What's the connection between werewolves and Druids?

    “I don’t want to do magic in Teen Wolf, because there are so many other shows out there, like The Vampire Diaries or True Blood, with witches," Davis said. "And it’s like, 'What’s a different way to do witches?' Well, the Druids were considered shape-shifters themselves. And you learn a lot more about the connection between the Druids and the werewolves in Episode 8, which is really cool."

    Make sure to tune in to MTV this Monday, July 22 to find out!

    10. Which Beacon Hills High students are going to be hooking up in Season 3?

    “Scott’s going to get a new love interest," Davis revealed. "And Isaac and Allison’s relationship is going to develop. Stiles will go through something different. And you’ll see complications with Lydia and Aiden, and Ethan and Danny. So, there’s going to be many complicated relationships occurring. Some with tragic results, maybe."