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    Bite Club: 10 Secrets Of The CW's "The Originals," As Told By Joseph Morgan

    During an interview with me, Morgan also revealed that there's hope for Klaroline shippers...!

    This is the cast of The Vampire Diaries spin-off series, The Originals.

    The series premiere is Tuesday, October 15 on The CW, but the pilot aired as a backdoor episode on The Vampire Diaries earlier this year.

    And Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus, told me what fans can expect to see this season.

    I met with Morgan during Comic-Con this past weekend. And if you want to hear all about his favorite TV shows, comic books, and directorial debut, check out the profile piece here.

    1. New Orleans wasn't the first choice for The Originals setting...

    “Originally it was going to be set in Chicago, and it was going to be a whole different thing,” Morgan revealed. "Then it sort of evolved, as we talked about it."

    2. There's hope for Klaroline.

    “I think there’s got to be hope," he said. "And my personal feeling is that they’d be a bit silly if they didn’t at some point have her show up. Or have me show up there. Or have some sort of scene that maybe gave people closure, or gave people hope.”

    3. Get pumped for an epic battle between the vampires and witches.

    “There’s definitely a war coming," he said. "In the backdoor pilot, you saw vampires leaping across rooftops, and jumping down onto cars — execution in the public square. It’s [got] a different feel to it. You really feel like these guys own that town, it’s not small town.”

    4. Klaus isn't entirely sold on the idea of having a child, and new family.

    “I think he’s conflicted, isn’t he? I know that he didn’t want the child initially. His immediate reaction was to want to kill it, or have it killed. But that’s just Klaus isn’t it?" Morgan said. "That’s the way he is — flashes of temper coming in. But I think one of the most important things to him is family. And his brother Elijah is doing his best to convince him of that — that this is a good thing, this is what we’ve wanted, this is what has always been the most important thing to us. So, I hope he’ll come around. I don’t know, honestly.”

    5. But Morgan wants him to be...

    “I hope he really loves that baby. Because I think there’s nothing that will be more interesting than a murderous, sociopathic killer who will do anything for his newborn child," he said. "And woe betide the people who come and try and take it from him. I think there’s something quite powerful about that, and dangerous, and appealing to me at least. He has one weakness — this little tiny baby that he loves with all his heart. And the rest of him is all, you know, teeth and nails.”

    6. When it comes to love, Klaus "doesn’t want someone who’s falling all over him."

    “I think he wants someone who can match him," Morgan said. "He wants a challenge. He doesn’t want someone who’s falling all over him. I think he’s a pretty intelligent guy, and he’s artistic. He’s cultured, and well traveled, and he wants someone who will stimulate him in all those areas. You know, match him and give him a run for his money. That’s what she [Caroline] did initially. She didn’t just bend to his every whim. And so, I think that was what got him infatuated in the first place. So, it would have to be a pretty fiery woman.”

    7. But because of who Klaus is, he may forever be alone.

    “A lot of people can relate to that feeling of sort of feeling lonely," Morgan said. "He desperately wants to be loved, but he keeps messing it up for himself, because he’s trying to control the way that comes to him."

    8. The flashback scenes are going to be wicked.

    “The end of the second episode is wicked," Morgan said, smiling, "but the whole setup of the first episode is really good. I’m really excited about the flashback element of the season, because we have a thousand years to draw on now, and we can really make that a prominent element in the show. “

    9. Morgan wouldn't have been cast as Klaus 10 years ago.

    “I don’t think I could’ve played this part 10 years ago," he said, "because I just didn’t have enough life experience. And you have to have been through things, I think, to draw upon that kind of darkness, and the way he goes so cold, and kind of removes himself sometimes, and has all of that anger. I think I had trouble in the beginning of my career playing scenes that required that kind of fury, because I just didn’t have it in me.”

    10. The reason that The Originals is even happening, is in large part due to the fans.

    “I think partly it’s down to the fans," Morgan admitted. "Because there were fan made trailers for The Originals before it was ever a reality for us. I watched and RT’d — I encouraged it. I was interested from the beginning.”

    Go ahead, Klaus fans, give yourselves a big pat on the back! Well done.