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    10 Secrets Of "Arrow" Season Two From The Cast

    There will be more bad guys, Roy is headed for the dark side, and hopefully a lot more shirtless scenes between Oliver and Diggle. Warning: spoilers ahead!

    The cast of Arrow told me about their upcoming season, and why it's a total game changer.

    At Comic-Con this past weekend, I was part of the Arrow entourage, and I made sure to ask them what we can expect to see in Season 2.

    Let's just say that come the season premiere on October 9, viewers should expect to see a lot more drama, bad guys, and some surprising twists of morality.

    1. Roy's headed for the dark side of justice.

    “Season 2 for Roy’s character is almost like Roy’s island," Colton Haynes said. "He goes through so much — he lost so many people in his family. But now he’s getting into a lot of trouble, and people from his past are starting to resurface, it might be drawing him to go down the dark side."

    It should also be noted that Haynes maniacally cocked his eyebrow after that last sentence. (!!!)

    2. Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity will all walk away bruised.

    “It’s going to be action packed," Emily Bett Rickards said. "We finished our first week of filming, and all three of us had bruises from it. So, you can just expect extreme circumstances.”

    3. Tommy's death has serious repercussions for Oliver.

    "That decision that was made, we made it because we knew that his death, and what it means to Oliver, and what it means to everyone on the cast ... we knew that it could resonate not just for Season 2, but for however long the series is," Stephen Amell said of Tommy's death. "It informs absolutely everything that happens."

    4. Felicity's love life is on hold ... for now.

    “She’s flirty in all the wrong ways, a lot like me," Rickards laughed. "She obviously has a big crush on Oliver. I mean, I think that’s apparent ... I think we’ll see more of her backstory, we’ll get to see more of her family life. But as far as love and relationship goes, she’s just had her first sort of family relationship with these two men, but she’s got a lot on her plate right now.”

    5. Crime will be on the rise in Starling City, and we can expect to see new bad guys.

    “The criminal world expands as well, which is great," explained David Ramsey. "So you’re going to see a lot more criminals."

    "It’s always interesting how these writers develop characters to kind of fit into this real world. As real as you can be with a guy running around with a bow and arrow, and Kevlar," he said, laughing. "Bad guys that had superpowers in the DC lore, when they come to Starling City are made real and down to earth. But you’ll see more of that this season.”

    6. Felicity Smoak has been redefined as Felicity 2.0.

    “She’s actually been redefined as Felicity 2.0," Rickards laughed. "The first time we see her, she’s sick with terror. She’s out on the field again, and she’s trying to find a part of herself that she’s lost, I think. And whether or not she’s going to be able to find that and get back to a solid ground in this season, I’m not sure.”

    7. The destruction of The Glades will still heavily resonate in Season 2.

    “Everything that happened in Episode 23, should resonate not just for Season 2, but for the duration of the series," Amell explained. "We don’t just gloss over the fact that an area of the city was decimated and there’s now a hole. We’re very particular about it, we honor it."

    As a bonus, Amell added, "And you should remember the 5-0-3.” (Can any Arrow fans guess as to what this means?!)

    8. Are we going to see Felicity physically fight? Probably!

    “I think we’ll get to see her in action," Rickards mused. "I don’t know if we’ll get to see her in close quarters combat. I mean, she has to earn the ability to fight. There are very few people it comes to naturally, and it’s usually when they’re blessed with superpowers, and I don’t think she has that.”

    9. We're going to see more of the DC comics universe creeping into Arrow.

    “DC Entertainment is now our capital P, exclamation point, exclamation point, partner," Amell revealed. “We’re going to completely exploit the DC universe. We saw A.R.G.U.S. last year, but A.R.G.U.S. is going to play a big part this season. And we are going to bring in some heavy hitters.”

    10. There's a Diggle flashback episode!

    “I’m personally excited for the Diggle flashback episode — if and when it happens," Amell joked. "I’m going to Mexico. I gotta get out of here.”

    “Oh yeah," Ramsey laughed, "for personal reasons, he won’t be working for a week.”

    Well, OK, no flashback episode ... YET.