10 Most Beautiful Parts Of The Interactive “Moonrise Kingdom” Script

It’s nominated for a Best Original Screenplay Oscar, so this is pretty legit.

When it comes to Moonrise Kingdom, all we can say is this: Who doesn’t love a story about a lovesick khaki scout out to win the heart of a troubled-Lolita-esque-klepto?

Yet, in spite of the fact that it was penned by director Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, and stars badasses like Bruce Willis, the film only earned one Oscar nod in the form of Best Original Screenplay. That’s right folks, just one nomination.

With that in mind, Focus Features released an interactive version of the script. Ya know, to remind us all of how awesome the film was. Let’s explore the prettiest parts of this bonus treat, shall we?

1. Cartography of awards.

OK, let’s get this out of the way: The Moonrise Kingdom script was nominated for plenty of other awards. Now you know.

2. This yearbook photo.

R.I.P. Snoopy!

3. Wes Anderson’s storyboards.

4. And even more storyboards!

Seriously, is there such a thing as too many?

5. An empty Khaki Scout tent, that we kind of want to live in.

And by “kind of” we mean “for real.”

6. Artwork depicting the sets.

Hey, remember when you watched Moonrise Kingdom and saw the actual room that this drawing is based off of? Cool. That is very cool.

7. A look at Wes’s penmanship.

It’s all in caps…Just saying.

8. Scout Master Ward’s tape recorder.

Jiminy cricket!

9. Evidence of the Noah’s Ark theme.

In case you missed that part of the movie, here it is.

10. Suzy’s library.

Up close and personal.

If you want more of Wes, click on any of the source links above!

P.S.: What kind of bird are you?!

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