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    10 Greatest Love Letters Ever Written By Kids

    No awkward texts or Facebook friend requests: These kids only know pure love.

    The most amazing part of young love isn't that it's adorable, or full of grammatical errors, no: It's that young love is shockingly honest.

    Don't believe me? Just check out these love letters and tell me you don't FEEL something.

    1. A 5-year-old's stirring marriage proposal.

    I know what you're wondering: What did Steven say?! Unfortunately, Steven and Caty didn't work out. But I'm happy to report that Caty did marry a man last year who's worthy of her love letters.

    Hopeless romantics, take heart!

    2. The love letter that's a work of art.

    Have any of your internet girlfriends ever drawn you a heart? Doubt it.

    3. The 8-year-old who understands the importance of shared interests.

    Fun fact: Katey and David were married in 2006.

    4. The love letter that isn't funny at all.

    Don't you dare laugh!

    5. The letter that gets right to the point.

    The Reddit user posted, "I know its irrelevant but they are 13 and special needs. Him with Autism and her with FAS."

    6. The letter from a guy who's willing to punch his friend in the balls for love.

    7. The letter that requires you to make a very important decision.

    8. The letter that proves passion knows no age.

    9. The letter from an 11-year-old who's patiently waiting for an answer.

    Fun fact: Cathy and Trevor are now married.

    10. The love note from a future lawyer.

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