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    • ering26

      Jurassic Park theme song. Why? Great question. My husband and I were in Hawaii a few years ago with friends and family for my sister’s wedding. Wouldn’t you know it, everyone got drunk down at the beach. So then, everyone decides we must march up this hill back to one of our friend’s hotels to continue our stupidity at the pool. So we’re hauling coolers and empties and this super awesome employee drives by us in a little golf cart and asks if we want a lift. Also, pretty rad to get a DD randomly walking up this hill. So, as he’s cruisin’ on up through the foliage of overgrown trees and beautiful flowers, all the dumb people - sorry, drunk people - start saying they feel like they’re in Jurassic Park. So we belligerently screamed, “DAT DAHHH DAT DAHHH DAT DAT DAT DAT DAHHHHHHHHH!” - RAGING singing the Jurassic Park theme song - at this poor employee and everyone we passed, all the way up the hill. He was a good sport and thought we were morons, which we are. Anyway, that was one of the happiest moments of my life. Surrounded by friends and family - booze in hand - singing Jurassic Park - sitting next to my now husband, laughing harder than I ever have in my life. That’s our song. That’s what makes us smile. That’s what makes us remember to laugh and act like idiots, and to always tip the nice employee who drives your drunk ass up a hill.

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