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What's The Most Underrated College In The U.S.?

Less Van Wilder and more Van Milder.

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So, everyone knows about *some* schools in the U.S.

Harvard University — Cambridge, Massachusetts

Whether for athletics...

Duke University — Durham, North Carolina

The tailgates that accompany them...

North Carolina State University — Raleigh, North Carolina

Or for just being seriously smart.

Yale University — New Haven, Connecticut


But, what about the rest of the amazing schools in the U.S. that aren't really talked about?!

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Maybe your school has the coziest library ever.

Vassar College — Poughkeepsie, New York

A quad that rivals a national park...

Elon University — Elon, North Carolina

Intimate class sizes...

Colorado College — Colorado Springs, Colorado

Or kick-ass food that you actually enjoy eating.

University of North Carolina at Asheville — Asheville, North Carolina

We want to know! Tell us, what's the most underrated college in the U.S., and why?


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