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    29 Cities All Twentysomethings Should Pick Up And Move To

    Pack your bags and maybe your passport.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us where twentysomethings should live. Here’s what they had to say (in no particular order):

    1. Kansas City, Missouri

    Flickr: Doug Wertman / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: nanoprobe67

    "Literally the coolest city to live in according to Huffington Post. Living costs are low and it's continuously growing!" —Submitted by Naidni Yxes, Facebook

    2. Seattle

    Flickr: anupamsrivastava

    Flickr: Anupam_ts / Creative Commons

    Flickr: kwl

    Flickr: Kenny Louie / Creative Commons

    "Rent is decent, great food, museums, and it’s known for its music scene." —Submitted by ashn4b59d5db6

    3. Salt Lake City

    Flickr: countylemonade

    Flickr: Garrett / Creative Commons

    Flickr: coianac

    Flickr: coia.nac / Creative Commons

    "We have inexpensive homes, there are a million and one things to do, lots of bars, craft beer, art festivals, and you can go skiing before you go to work." —Submitted by Cellardoor221

    4. Phoenix

    Flickr: squeaks2569

    Flickr: Alan Stark / Creative Commons

    Flickr: 83633410@N07

    Flickr: CollegeDegrees360 / Creative Commons

    "It's easy to navigate, everything's kinda cheap, there are great colleges, and California's a short and fun road trip away." —Submitted by Kayla Livingston via Facebook

    5. Raleigh, North Carolina

    Flickr: bz3rk

    Flickr: James Willamor / Creative Commons

    Flickr: 24215253@N05

    Flickr: Darren Wilkinson / Creative Commons

    "It's really inexpensive and has a lot of cool restaurants and nightlife. The city is sort of up-and-coming (as evident by the increase in hipsters). Sweet lil' cheap city — check it out." —Submitted by malburger

    6. Philadelphia

    Flickr: chrishunkeler

    Flickr: Chris Hunkeler / Creative Commons

    Flickr: viviannguyen

    Flickr: viviandnguyen_ / Creative Commons

    "It's close to a bunch of other big cities, an hour from the beach, way cheaper than NYC, and there are great bars and food...specifically, cheesesteaks." —Submitted by Lizz Kula via Facebook

    7. El Paso, Texas

    Flickr: jaybock

    Flickr: Jay / Creative Commons

    Flickr: boston_public_library

    Flickr: Visit El Paso / Creative Commons

    "We have a great university, a low cost of living, amazing weather pretty much year-round, plenty of nightlife, theaters, outdoor activities, a zoo, a baseball team, a hockey team (in the desert!)... Someone stop me before I write an essay." —Submitted by Elizabeth Olivas via Facebook

    8. St. Louis

    Flickr: tfduesing

    Flickr: Thomas Duesing / Creative Commons

    Flickr: 84263554@N00

    Flickr: Ron Reiring / Creative Commons

    "The zoo, art museum, history museum, science center, planetarium, Anheuser-Busch brewery tour, and Cahokia Mounds (super-cool ancient Native American metropolis) are all FREE!" —Submitted by Janet Prieto via Facebook

    9. New Orleans

    Flickr: bigberto

    Flickr: Shubert Ciencia / Creative Commons

    Flickr: 44534236@N00

    Flickr: faungg's photo / Creative Commons

    "If Solange can move to NOLA, I figure it must be pretty awesome." —Submitted by Paige Kay via Facebook

    10. Chicago

    Flickr: nickharris1

    Flickr: Nick Harris / Creative Commons

    Flickr: papalars

    Flickr: Andrew E. Larsen / Creative Commons

    "We have art, culture, beaches, a variety of interesting or quiet neighborhoods, amazing food, several good colleges, reasonably reliable public transportation, and it can be very affordable if you're willing to have roommates and/or not live in the super-trendiest neighborhoods." —Submitted by MrsKChicago

    11. Burlington, Vermont

    Flickr: 23657269@N06

    Flickr: Tim Plante / Creative Commons

    "It is kinda pricey, but it has amazing food and music. It's just a great small city!" —Submitted by Kay Hadley via Facebook

    12. Baltimore

    Flickr: urbanfeel / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 30003006@N00

    "It gets a bad rap, but it's actually super affordable and has a bunch of cool neighborhoods, a thriving art scene, and more fun bars than you could count. Plus, it's an easy $7 train ride from D.C." —Submitted by Kimberly Ann via Facebook

    13. Nashville

    Flickr: brittanybritt

    Flickr: Brittany Britt / Creative Commons

    Flickr: 111456865@N04

    Flickr: Elliott Billings / Creative Commons

    "It’s a musical city and country isn’t the only scene. There are a few colleges and so much nightlife. It’s a city with a hometown feel." —Submitted by maddieh41f19ef50

    14. Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Flickr: jeffhutchison / Creative Commons
    Flickr: Bernt Rostad

    "The cost of living is fantastic for twentysomethings fresh out of college. There are tons of local restaurants that carry locally grown foods as well as being one of the forerunners in the craft beer game. And it's home to companies like Pfizer and Stryker which both offer entry level positions." —Submitted by Janette Scott via Facebook

    15. Los Angeles

    Flickr: Keith Skelton / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: keithskeltonphoto

    "So many things to explore, many other 20-year-olds, an acting career is an opportunity, or joining the Navy or military. And who wouldn't want to live near Disneyland?!" —Submitted by PaulaDeenHoney

    16. Washington, D.C.

    Flickr: ncindc

    Flickr: NCinDC / Creative Commons

    Flickr: ncindc

    Flickr: NCinDC / Creative Commons

    "Tons of young people, endless receptions with free food, and amazing public transportation. In one day, you can easily walk from a lunch barbecue in the suburbs, to a free art museum, to a festival on the national mall, to a downtown bar." Submitted by Isabel Lane via Facebook

    17. Cleveland

    Flickr: joiseyshowaa

    Flickr: joiseyshowaa / Creative Commons

    Flickr: fabulousfabs

    Flickr: fabulousfabs / Creative Commons

    "It's cheap, their museum scene is on point, and they have excellent taste in beer." —Submitted by jennacaye

    18. New York City

    Flickr: Stefano Ravalli / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: stefano60

    "Hands down, NYC. I know it's expensive, but just know no one can really afford to live there." —Submitted by Chris James via Facebook

    19. Portland, Oregon

    Flickr: fstorr

    Flickr: Francis Storr / Creative Commons

    Flickr: 31246066@N04

    Flickr: Ian Sane / Creative Commons

    "You can make pretty good money doing almost anything and actually afford to live. There's a lush natural scene, a really avid nightlife, and let's not forget the abundance of cool restaurants always popping up! It just has just has a really cool vibe that's perfect for twentysomethings." —Submitted by KikiTee1

    20. Atlanta

    Flickr: Brett Weinstein / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: nrbelex

    "The Hollywood of the South! There's a neighborhood for everyone with a low cost of living, festivals every weekend, amazing music scene, NYC shows before they hit Broadway, and snow days with just a chance of snow!" —Submitted by sarahm415d11717

    And if you're longing to live outside of the United States...

    21. Prague

    Flickr: Ricardo Liberato / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: liberato

    "It's beautiful, cultural, and Americans love it here. Living here is much cheaper compared with living in L.A." —Submitted by Olga Kadlecová via Facebook

    22. London

    Flickr: Hernán Piñera / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: hernanpc

    "Free health care, cheap alcohol, free museums, no need to own a car, and the BBC." —Submitted by jevani

    23. Melbourne, Australia

    Flickr: alanandanders

    Flickr: Alan Lam / Creative Commons

    Flickr: ultrakml

    Flickr: Katherine Lim / Creative Commons

    "Social services, amazing food and drink, beautiful insular suburbs, great universities, natural beauty, and large pockets of progressive culture." —Submitted by Kiri Quokka Crocker via Facebook

    24. Zurich

    Flickr: Tambako The Jaguar / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: tambako

    "We have a beautiful lake, river, and nice nature (like the Alps) really close around. Plus, many jobs — and because of that, enough money to do whatever we like. Partying, traveling, and freedom in general. Love it!" —Submitted by gaggibrot

    25. Fukuoka, Japan

    Flickr: yuki5287 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: yuki5287

    "Great health care, low cost of living, amazing food, and being able to get nearly anywhere in Asia by public transit exclusively is really great. You’ll never need a car, a driver’s licence, or any of that!" —Submitted by tianzhonghair

    26. Budapest

    Flickr: 48018151@N05

    Flickr: Frank Schmidt / Creative Commons

    Flickr: glenirah

    Flickr: Glen Edelson / Creative Commons

    "Amazing street food, various unique parties, cool people, lots of festivals, plus a beautiful city = everything you need." —Submitted by francyka94

    27. Seoul, South Korea

    Flickr: Doug Sun Beams / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 126817823@N08

    "I lived and worked there as a teacher for four years and met some of the best people and had adventures almost every weekend. All while not feeling too broke and being able to put a little bit aside before returning home." —Submitted by sydneys11

    28. Montreal

    Flickr: clemsherpa

    Flickr: Clément Belleudy / Creative Commons

    Flickr: sfllaw

    Flickr: Simon Law / Creative Commons

    "Great food, great nightlife, cheap rent, lots of universities, there’s always a festival going on, rich history, and the people. Montrealers are amazing!" —Submitted by marie-michelelv

    29. St. Petersburg

    Flickr: Jaafar Alnasser / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 71011448@N08

    "You can easily live on $200 a month (especially after the fall of the ruble), and it’s gorgeous. Great nightlife, anti-cafés, and the hipster music scene is pretty legit, too." —Submitted by theKatherine

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