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Every Recently Dumped Person Needs This Website

Your smashed #relationshipgoals could buy you a car.

After a break-up, lots of things are still around that probably remind you of the other person.

You seriously see them everywhere.

The website Never Liked It Anyway is here to turn that break-up into a money making venture.

Instead of burning all the stuff around that reminds you of their stupid, smirking face...you can sell it, buy a new outfit with the cash, and go on a date with someone ~worthy~ of your presence.

Things really come full circle sometimes, amiright.

The most expensive item that has been sold on the site was a diamond ring. It went for $18,500.

And when you're done selling all the *bad association* stuff, you can vent about whatever fucked up thing caused the break-up.

So, before you hop on Tinder, head over to www.neverlikeditanyway.com. Your heart and your wallet will thank you.