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17 Insanely Adorable Ways To Thank Your Teachers

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community (specifically, teachers) to tell us about the most thoughtful gift they've ever received. Here’s what they had to say:

1. A sweet note written in a yearbook.

"The best gift I ever got was from a student who wrote, 'You made high school bearable for me' in my yearbook." --Kay Emily Holly, Facebook

2. A thoughtful book.

Stephen Rauch / Via BuzzFeed

"When the end of the school year came, I was given this book. It is filled with pictures of various student council events I helped to organize. They even included the birth of my son and when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010. Nearly five years later I still look at it after a bad day at school to remind myself how much fun teaching can be." --Stephen Rauch

3. An honest letter.

"Perhaps the most thoughtful was a letter that a young lady wrote me about how she transferred schools halfway through high school. She was feeling very lost and said that my classroom was where she started making friends in her new school, and where she became confident that she could do well in history (it had never been her subject before). I've got the letter posted in my classroom now. It's a reminder that you can really make a difference in a student's life!" --Kate Quimby


5. A proper director's stand.

"I teach high school band, and every year the band seniors get me a gift. The first year they did it, they gifted me with a proper director's stand that is twice as wide as a regular music stand, because I had struggled all year with keeping all my scores on the stand." --kellijhae

6. Homemade ornaments for the holidays.

"I love when I get homemade ornaments at Christmas time...I love seeing their proud little faces when they give them to me! I hang the ornaments up every year, and it's a great way to remember my past students." --Lael Rebekah Wadopian, Facebook

7. A knitted blanket.

shannonj16 / Via BuzzFeed

"I’m a high school music teacher. When I announced my pregnancy to a very special group of kids I’d taught from 9th grade through their graduating year, they were very happy for me, even though I’d miss their final concert. I did come back for that concert with my (then) three week old son. As a year end gift/baby present, they had taken the initiative to learn to knit; each student received a different color of yarn and they made my son a blanket. He is now almost three and sleeps with that blanket every day." --shannonj16


8. A thoughtful drawing.

"I teach 9th grade English, and a few years ago one of my students saw that I was upset after school. The next day, she gave me a drawing of a whale (I love whales). However, this was no ordinary drawing. The whale was outlined in words that describe my personality! It was the sweetest, most thoughtful gift a student has ever give me." --andit4cb4f739c

9. A heart warming shout out.

Devin Gaynor / Via Facebook

"After school, I found this on my desk from a student. She was giving me a shout out for showing her not to be scared during an emergency lock down and that everything was going to be OK. This was the best gift I've ever received. It showed me I'm fulfilling my purpose as a teacher: to be a role model for my students, to help them grow into mindful, confident people who are ready to conquer all the real world challenges thrown their way." --Devin Gaynor, Facebook

10. Hidden caricatures.

"I had a student once draw caricatures of me while I was teaching. She'd create them when I wasn't paying attention and leave them in random places in my classroom for me to find. I've saved every single one of them." --moreyj

11. An appropriate action figure.

"I'm on a team of four teachers, and usually when students give gifts we all get the same thing. One year we had a student who got us all gifts that matched our personality. Mine was a eight inch Yoshi action figure from a Mario game. He thought of me as laid back and easy going (which is true)." --Ladykalee


12. A loving letter.

stacij / Via BuzzFeed

"Two years ago a dear friend of mine passed away and I missed a week of school. One of my students wrote me this card with help from another teacher. It still makes me smile when I read it." --stacij

13. A couple bandages.

"I made the mistake of wearing new shoes one day and my feet were suffering- especially my heels. A student I had taught that morning came to my class after school to do some extra work. As she walked in, she handed me two bandages. Apparently, she'd noticed my injuries and gone to the nurse to get them for me. It wasn't big or fancy or expensive, but it was the most thoughtful gift I've ever received from a student." --LauLa

14. A list of thanks.

"My students wrote me a little booklet full of reasons they're thankful for me for Thanksgiving while I was away. I got it the first day back and cried for about an hour. I love them so much." --Victoria Alexandra Girardin, Facebook


16. Homemade earrings.

"One of my students made me a pair of earrings out of clay in the shape of books with hearts on them. I teach 8th grade English." --blairb48c93979a

17. A smile.

"I teach students with severe disabilities so the best gift is when a student smiles! If they're happy to come to my class everyday, I know I'm doing something right." --kellis40126aa76

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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