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What Are Your Must-Have Beauty Products For Under 10 Bucks?

Because you don't have to empty your bank account on eyeshadow.

Makeup is a fun way to express yourself.

Flickr: Courtney Rhodes / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: pumpkincat210

You've probably amassed your own curated collection.

Flickr: Emily Cox / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: thedreaminglily

Maybe you're a chapstick aficionado.

Or you lust after getting the perfect lashes.

You definitely have a go to for treating your skin right.

And would never forget your fingers and toes.

We've heard "you get what you pay for," but which products give you so much more?

Flickr: Catherine / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: bcrueltyfree

We want to know! Tell us, what are your must-have beauty products for under 10 bucks?