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    21 Job Interview Tips Everyone Should Know

    Your resume will be at the top of the stack.

    1. Know as many details as possible ahead of time.

    2. Plan awesome answers beforehand.

    3. Get in front of a mirror.

    4. Practice, practice, practice.

    5. Make sure you're proud of the image you're putting out on social media.

    6. Manage information about multiple companies.

    7. Get directions.

    8. Get. There. Early.

    9. Make a strong 20-second impression.

    10. Don't have any interruptions.

    11. Dress with confidence.

    12. Be friendly to everyone you meet.

    13. Ditch your beverage.

    14. Come prepared with hard copies.

    15. Do your homework!

    16. Be upfront about strengths and weaknesses.

    17. Ask good questions.

    18. Pay attention.

    19. Cut down on distraction noise.

    20. Get completely ready (like, even down to your shoes) for phone interviews.

    21. Make it personal.