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27 Home Decor Hacks Every Twentysomething Should Know

Throw your college posters away. Now.

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1. Use accessories in place of art.

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With just a few thumb tacks you can completely change that empty wall you didn't know what to do with (or have any money to spend on). It'll also free up some desperately needed closet space!

3. Put a clock on the wall.

When your iPhone dies you should still have a way of telling the time. Because you know, you're an adult now.


4. Think small.

One day you'll have the home office you dream of, but for now you can make do with a small laptop, desk, and chair squeezed in wherever you can find the room. It'll be cozy and still get the job done.

5. Consider hand-me-downs your BFFs.

Parents or friends offering up something for free? Do them (and yourself) a huge favor and take it off their hands. You'll save money and might enjoy the sentimental value attached from that well-intentioned relative. Just maybe add a slip cover.

7. Don't recreate your dorm room.

Yes, it's easy to put that Audrey Hepburn poster up with a thumb tack on your wall, but it's just as easy to upgrade it with this. Take some risks in your design and try to explore what aesthetics you really enjoy.


8. Get thrifty.

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As a twentysomething, you're most likely in a transient phase. Save big purchase items for when you're more settled and just look for inexpensive items at local flea markets and thrift stores for now. And if you're in NYC, be sure to check out Curated Craigslist for the best items in your 'hood.

9. Washi tape is a great alternative to paint.

Can't paint because you're renting or subletting? Japanese wallpaper company Sincol has teamed up with Japanese washi tape company mt to release a range of oversized masking tapes specifically for interior use. Choose your favorite design and size here.

10. If you're going to splurge, do it with intention.

Will that expensive couch you NEED right now still be something you love in four years? Will it still be in good shape? If so, go for it. But that copper five-piece cookware set in your shared kitchen? Probably not necessary right now.


12. Create multi-functional spaces.

If you're living with roommates in a tiny place or in a one bedroom to yourself, each square foot is extremely precious. Your ping-pong table is now your place for games, dinner, and work!

14. Color code your stuff.

Small spaces will instantly be overwhelmed if all your stuff is not in some sort of order. A simple trick like color coding will make your place feel more streamlined and tidy.

15. Invest in a cool coffee table.


If you're living in a studio and lacking a kitchen more attention to your coffee table. It's probably where you'll be eating your meals! A glass one like this won't take up much space visually. Bonus points if you find one with storage!


17. Rugs and mats can drastically change a floor.

Shitty laminate flooring? Massive red wine stain you need to hide? Rugs are an amazingly easy way to shift the attention away from the less-than-stellar aspects you may be working with at your place.

19. Make it social.

A twentysomething's home is often filled with people! Whether it's your parents visiting, friends getting ready to go out, or just you and your (four) roommates. Seats that face each other are more conducive to conversation.


20. Don't be too serious.

You don't want your bedroom to look like it did when you were a teenager, but that doesn't mean you have to model your place like your parents house, either! Nix the bedroom set and spend your (probably limited) decorating fund on stuff YOU really love.

22. Not matching is OK!

Eclectic stuff can totally come across as intentional, so just go with it! If you can find two dining chairs that match, mix the rest and it'll still flow.

23. This is the time to display all your stuff.

As you get older you'll probably live with a significant other and maybe kids, too. But as a twentysomething you get a lot more say! Hang a bulletin board with cards, photographs, and magazine pullouts that make you smile.


25. Plants will make the space come alive.

Plants make the space brighter and are a great practice in taking care of something other than yourself. You're likely to start feeling pretty fond of that little cactus on your windowsill.

26. Buy a bed frame first, then spend money on a headboard later.

27. Make wall art that reminds you of home, or where you're headed next.

As a twentysomething, you may no longer be in your home city, or even state! This DIY map art is a fun way to display where you come from. And if you have yet to move, but aspire to, it's a great visual to keep you inspired.