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    21 Punny Ways To Say Thank You With Food

    So cheesy their heart will actually melt.

    1. Say someone covers your shift at work.

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    2. Or saves you a seat at the movies.

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    3. They deserve a thank-you that goes beyond a boring old note.

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    (Although a thoughtful letter or email always goes a long way!)

    4. They deserve the ultimate combo: good food and bad puns.

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    5. So tell them with Nutella.

    Baibaz / Getty Images

    6. Or their favorite bottle of wine.

    Phbcz / Getty Images

    7. Say it with fresh fruit for your freshest friend.

    Moggara12 / Getty Images

    8. Or a Snickers bar for making you giggle when you most needed it.

    Streky89 / Getty Images

    9. Did they help you move to your new place?

    Michellesc / Getty Images

    10. Maybe they babysat for you.

    Ziquiu / Getty Images

    11. Or let you borrow some cash.

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    12. Pick up the tab the next time you go to sushi.

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    13. And thank them for being your BFF.

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    14. Or for being a good host.

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    15. Basically...tell them how you really feel.

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    16. You can do it casually.

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    17. Or sit them down for a home-cooked meal.

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    18. Thank them for being the wacky, amazing person that they are.

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    19. And keeping you calm...

    Megyn Barroner / Getty Images

    20. When you had a bit of a ~situation~ on your hands.

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    21. And never forget the veggies.

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