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17 Phrases Only Southerners Truly Understand

They may sound sweet, but you know better.

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6. "That's an interesting point."

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Everyone else hears: "That's a generally good point I hadn't considered."

Southerners hear: "I completely disagree/don't know what you're talking about."

8. "You're so street smart."

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Everyone else hears: "You could totally fix your own car, I wish I could."

Southerners hear: "You're good with directions but probably can't read a map. Or anything else. I pity you."


12. "That haircut really suits you."

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Everyone else hears: "I love your new 'do!"

Southerners hear: "I hate your hair more than anything and am so thankful it's not mine."


13. "I could never pull that off."

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Everyone else hears: "I'm jealous of how wonderfully creative you are."

Southerners hear: "I could never pull that off, and I would never want to."


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