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17 Phrases Only Southerners Truly Understand

They may sound sweet, but you know better.

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1. "Bless your heart."

Fox / Freemantle Media North America / Via

Everyone else hears: "Aw, poor kid."

Southerners hear: "Whatever you’re doing is pathetic and I’m great at faking sympathy."

2. "Oh, God love 'em."

E! Network / Borderline Amazing Productions / Via

Everyone else hears: "Aww, you're being so cute and funny."

Southerners hear: "You're being insane and I'm judging you."

3. "You have such a pretty face."

CBS / Bankable Productions / Via

Everyone else hears: "You're seriously so pretty!"

Southerners hear: "...but that body, bless your heart."

4. "I'll pray for you."

20th Century Fox / Via

Everyone else hears: "I'm going to pray for you tonight."

Southerners hear: "Wow, your life sucks."

5. "How nice for you."

Lorne Michaels / Paramount Pictures / Via

Everyone else hears: "Way to go!"

Southerners hear: "This is me pretending like I care."

6. "That's an interesting point."

High Bridge Entertainment / Sony Pictures Television / Via

Everyone else hears: "That's a generally good point I hadn't considered."

Southerners hear: "I completely disagree/don't know what you're talking about."

7. "You're so photogenic."

Ingenious Media / New Line Cinema / Via

Everyone else hears: "You're very attractive."

Southerners hear: "You're hideous and got lucky with one decent nice for you."

8. "You're so street smart."

Bravo / True Entertainment / Via

Everyone else hears: "You could totally fix your own car, I wish I could."

Southerners hear: "You're good with directions but probably can't read a map. Or anything else. I pity you."

9. "Thanks for sharing."

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

Everyone else hears: "I'm glad you told me that cool story!"

Southerners hear: "I'm thrilled that's over."

10. "Well isn't that special!"

United Artists Media Group / Via

Everyone else hears: "You're so interesting. Tell me more."

Southerners hear: "You're boring. Next."

11. "You have such a unique style."

Bravo / Via

Everyone else hears: "I want to go shopping with you."

Southerners hear: "WTF are you wearing?!"

12. "That haircut really suits you."

Universal Television / 3 Arts Entertainment / Via

Everyone else hears: "I love your new 'do!"

Southerners hear: "I hate your hair more than anything and am so thankful it's not mine."

13. "I could never pull that off."

CBS Television Studios / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Everyone else hears: "I'm jealous of how wonderfully creative you are."

Southerners hear: "I could never pull that off, and I would never want to."

14. "You're a real peach."

Olive Bridge Entertainment / Via

Everyone else hears: "You're lovely!"

Southerners hear: "And by 'peach,' I mean bitch."

15. "I can't get over how good you look!"


Everyone else hears: "I literally can't stop staring. You're so hot."

Southerners hear: "You used to look like shit and now you don't...I'm surprised."

16. "You throw such a memorable party!"

Giphy / Via

Everyone else hears: "We really loved your party!"

Southerners hear: "Literally the worst party I've ever been to in my life."

17. "Y'all aren't from around here are you?"

Disney / Via

Everyone else hears: "Aw, a tourist. I should help them out."


Bravo / True Entertainment / Via's just the truth.

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