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    19 Reasons To Start Wearing Black Lipstick Immediately

    The dark side never looked so good.

    So you're probably thinking, "black, no thanks...that's not for me."

    Or, "Isn't that like, for witches?"

    Actually, no, anyone can wear it!


    So prepare yourself for a change of heart.

    1. It can really help you get your point across.

    2. But, remember, it doesn't have to mean you're a witch.

    3. Black lipstick is the yin to your yang.

    4. Maybe you're saying, "LOOK AT ME."

    5. Or maybe it's more, "DON'T BOTHER ME."

    6. Maybe your soul glitters with a dark mystical flame.

    7. You can get artsy with it.

    8. Or let it transform you into a whimsical gothic fairy.

    9. You can rock it with pastel hair.

    10. Or cool frames.

    11. It can really take a dramatic look to the next level.

    12. You might be unsure about it at first.

    13. But really, you know you look flawless.

    14. It looks great paired with an all black outfit.

    15. So great that people will be seeing double.

    16. You won't be able to stop taking selfies.

    17. Or making people take cool hipster pictures of you.

    18. Black lipstick will take you places.

    19. And you know if Lorde is doing it, it's the fucking coolest.