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    21 Puppies Exhausted By Their First Day Home

    Being fluffy and cute is a full time job.

    1. "I simply cannot take another bite."

    User soljers / Via

    2. "My squeaky so...squeaky..."

    User xkuroinekox / Via

    3. "I'M LOST! WHERE'S MY BED! Well maybe I'll just take a quick power nap in this corner until I find it."

    User NotAKSpartanKiIIer / Via

    4. "I'm a little snug in this harness, and I need a hot sec to regroup. Don't holler at me for a few."

    User benjocamp / Via

    5. "If I really am a person's best friend, then I'm gonna need a few minutes to prepare for that burden."

    User ChristianMarino / Via

    6. "Today is the first day of the rest of my naps!"

    User Brandin07 / Via

    7. "Please, leave me be. I need my beauty sleep."

    User djmng / Via

    8. "I dreamed I was upside down..."

    User willh96 / Via

    9. "I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy."

    User dcknight93 / Via

    10. "La la la la, walk walk walk walk, NOPE."

    User ParamedicNL / Via

    11. "Sweet mother of Lassie! I've never felt anything so soft."

    User chefbsba / Via

    12. "It seems, from what I've learned so far, that my humans sleep like this sometimes. I must show them I am worthy."

    User kasu327 / Via

    13. "Who, me?" *sigh*

    User sambart / Via

    14. "Is this what they call a 'cat nap?'"

    User amberrgerr / Via

    15. "HELLO I AM HERE NOW."

    User Diego1107 / Via

    16. "Filling people's lives with joy just drains you, ya know?."

    User onkey11 / Via

    17. "All this love is so exhausting already."

    erigoround / Via

    18. "So many blankets, so many toys, so many hugs, oh my! It's overwhelming!"

    19. "I thought 'cute' was my name for a while, but I guess it's not?"

    20. "Too many bowls. I'm done."

    21. "It's only my fifth nap today. Can't you leave me alone for a little while?"

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