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What It's Like Being An Adult Fan Of Pretty Little Liars

It's pretty cool being an adult fangirling over a show written for high schoolers. Right?

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Being an adult fan of Pretty Little Liars is pretty awesome.

You have something to talk about with the college intern at work.

You think we're cool right? We're so cool.

You get to shop for their clothes on Possessionista.

With your grown-up, adult budget. Take that, tweens!

You have perspective on some of the issues that come up

(Okay, maybe not the murder stuff.)

Oh, your high boyfriend turned out to be kind of a jerk who didn't tell you the whole truth?

Never could have seen that one coming.

You were teased about your looks when you were younger...

...but grew up to be totally hot and awesome? Story of our lives.

(And for the record, you don't identify with any of the parents.)


But sometimes, having an adult perspective can ruin the fun.

Uh, this is disturbing. Ezra is in a position of power and you are from teenager, Aria.

Are we terrible people for getting invested in this romance when in real life it would be unbelievably horrifying?

Yeah, somebody needs to, like, call the school.

You feel a little creepy whenever you notice how hot Toby is.

Even if he does have weirdly soulless eyes.

Or maybe Caleb's more your type.

I know high school me would have been all over that not-really-a-bad-boy.

I mean....

Oh God, are we as bad as Ezra? This just in, folks. We're all horrifying creeps.

You feel a little bitter that your high school didn't have such cool parties.

Yeah, this never happened to me.

But you love it anyway.

And you're old enough to really know who you are.

Maybe you're Hanna, known for your epic side-eye.

Or you're a Spencer, and you have an A on the report card of life.

Or an Aria, super charming but prone to wearing outfits you'll later regret.

But not an Emily. Nobody's an Emily.

You watch the show in long spurts on Netflix whenever you're home sick.

But you might not be caught up to what's actually going on on cable, since you're off living your adult life.

And inevitably everything just gets spoiled on social media.

Sometimes you think, maybe I should go watch a show designed for grown-ups, like Scandal.

Which also has great coats but is like, nominated for Emmys.

But then you realize it's pretty much the same drama, just with legal drinking.

So yeah, we're awesome.

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