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    Why "Center Stage" Was The Best Movie Of 2000

    Yeah, whatever, Gladiator. We all know what movie really entered the cinematic pantheons in 2000.

    Center Stage tells the story of Jodi Sawyer -

    - and her hilarious friends who were better actors.

    According to the script, Jodi isn't a good dancer...

    ...even though she's an amazing freaking dancer.

    Whatever. This movie is not about the plot holes.

    Center Stage let a generation of middle schoolers live out the fantasy of being real live ballerinas...

    ...without pretending that the reality of the profession isn't incredibly hard.

    Most significantly, it introduced the world to Zoe Saldana.

    It was her first film role and she killed it.

    Great vulnerability dancing alone in the studio, Zoe.

    You were the heart of this whole amazing movie.

    Center Stage also introduced us to the fantasy of what going to the club is like.

    Realistically, it featured the prototypical artistic douchebag, Cooper Neilson.

    WHAT a douche.

    But the talented douche that smart, artistic girls are attracted to despite themselves.

    And our poor heroine is not immune.

    But the movie didn't shame her for it.

    Her best friend/alternative love interest was way cuter anyway.

    Poor villain Maureen had a bulemia subplot with all the subtlety of a Lifetime Original Movie

    But Susan May Pratt played her with such commitment that Maureen's redeeming arc felt real and true.

    The dance scenes were beautifully directed and costumed.

    And the soundtrack totally holds up.

    Most importantly, Center Stage had the second greatest quick change of all time.

    THE greatest quick change of all time.

    How did this movie get nominated for zero Oscars?

    Whatevs, we don't need em. Back to dancing it out.