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26 Dogs Who Are Not Ready For The Cold

Ready your blankets!

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1. "Please don't make me go out."

2. "We're moving closer to the Equator."

3. "You can't make me go out."

5. "This is my life now."

6. "I will never leave these blankets."

7. "I refuse to get out."

8. "I hate the cold. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it."

9. "I need more layers."

10. "Like, way more layers."

11. "There could be snow out there!"

12. "You're kidding me, right?"

13. "I'm dealing with it."

14. "If you need to reach me, I'll be in these blankets hibernating."

15. "Yeah, we stop getting excited about walks when it gets below 50."

16. "I'm happy here, thanks."

17. "Food? But I have to get up for it? Nah, I'm good here."

18. "I can't believe you said I'd like it out there."

19. "This is the life."

20. "Screw you, cold wave."

21. "Mommmmmm. No! Please don't make me."

22. "Brrrrrr. Brrrrring me my bone so I have something to do."

23. "It's time to retreat to my winter home."

24. "I may look stylin', but I could be a lot warmer."

25. "The bathroom is still outside? K thanks I'll just hold it."

26. "It's cold. Goodbye."

In conclusion: nope.

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