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    15 Colorful Bullet Journal Spreads That Will Have You Swooning

    Bullet journals are hot right now! And there's no doubt why people love them so much. They happen to be the prettiest planners on Instagram and some people have turned them into a colorful work of art.

    1. This Stunning Gratitude Log

    2. Rainbow Monthly Cover Page

    3. This Mesmerizing Weekly Spread

    4. Monthly Memories Page Envy

    5. That Watercolor Effect

    6. Did I Mention How Much I Love Rainbows

    7. Colorful Dailies

    8. Color Coding by Time

    9. Envious Weekly Spread

    10. A Colorful Temperature Mandala

    11. A Hint of Spring Color

    12. Pink, Blue and Trolls All Over

    13. Colorful Borders and Hand Drawn Washi Tape

    14. This Pastel Weekly Page

    15. And Lastly.... This Lighthouse