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15 Colorful Bullet Journal Spreads That Will Have You Swooning

Bullet journals are hot right now! And there's no doubt why people love them so much. They happen to be the prettiest planners on Instagram and some people have turned them into a colorful work of art.

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1. This Stunning Gratitude Log

That header, tho! The best part is, you don't need fancy markers to make it. Meg uses Crayola SuperTips on many of her spreads, and she has totally enviable lettering skills.

2. Rainbow Monthly Cover Page

Instagram: @lady_journalcorn

While I'm not keen on writing the same word this many times, I'm swooning over this May cover page. All that color!

3. This Mesmerizing Weekly Spread

Instagram: @theblackerthebujo

The headers, the colors, the weather tracker on the right. It's all on point!

4. Monthly Memories Page Envy

Instagram: @kobieta_z_pasja

Even if you're a minimalist, can we all agree that this is incredible?

5. That Watercolor Effect

Instagram: @french_dreamer_life_lover

Everything about this weekly spread makes me smile, but the watercolor effect using Lyra Brush Pens is out of this world!

6. Did I Mention How Much I Love Rainbows

This habit tracker motivates me in all the right ways. PS: I think I need to start tracking my coffee intake. It will only fill up a whole page.

7. Colorful Dailies

Instagram: @nerdy

Yes, Yes, Yes! That is all.

8. Color Coding by Time

Not only is this satisfying to look at, it's a totally efficient time management technique.

9. Envious Weekly Spread

If only I could draw like this!

10. A Colorful Temperature Mandala

I need this in my life, and in my bullet journal.

11. A Hint of Spring Color

Instagram: @adybulletjournal

This page may not be loaded with color, but it has just enough to make me feel all warm and tingly inside.

12. Pink, Blue and Trolls All Over

Just when I thought I had seen enough trolls for the rest of my life, this came up on my Instagram feed. And now I'm obsessed.

13. Colorful Borders and Hand Drawn Washi Tape

The drawn in washi tape is the real winner here. Steal worthy idea!

14. This Pastel Weekly Page

I seriously love this chick's bujo! It's feminine, colorful, and downright pretty.

15. And Lastly.... This Lighthouse

A Leuchtturm in a Leuchtturm. Did you know 'Leuchtturm' is the German word for 'Lighthouse'?

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