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    20 Things You'll Only Remember If You Were A Late '90s And Early '00s Kid

    Be honest: How many Webkinz did you make your parents buy?

    1. Collecting Webkinz like it was your job.

    Flickr Creative Commons: Nicole Mays / Via, Flickr Creative Commons: Via Tsuji / Via

    And constantly convincing your parents why you didn't have enough.

    2. Getting sucked into the chain email phenomenon, because it was absolutely vital that you followed each message's rules closely.

    Erin Eagle / Via

    And sadly, believing every word the emails said.

    3. Watching re-runs of your favorite Nickelodeon and Disney shows for hours.

    The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon

    No other TV shows will ever compare to these classics. EVER!

    4. Taking tons of pictures and videos on Photobooth.

    Flickr Creative Commons: Chellbie / Via, Flickr Creative Commons: Ninha Morandini / Via

    All of the effects took your photos to the next level and were perfect for your Myspace and Facebook profiles.

    5. Getting extremely competitive while playing Wii Tennis.

    Flickr Creative Commons: Dome Poon / Via, Flickr Creative Commons: kompuder_dude / Via

    And thinking you were a rebel by not wearing the Wii remote safety strap.

    6. Making sure your Tamagotchi was given all the love and attention it deserved.

    Flickr Creative Commons: Evan Wood / Via, Flickr Creative Commons: Harriet R. H. / Via

    Nothing was worse than seeing your virtual pet suffer

    7. Playing with your removable pencil topper erasers at school.

    Flickr Creative Commons: Harry McGregor / Via, Flickr Creative Commons: Jo Zimny Photos / Via

    But never, EVER using them to actually erase anything.

    8. Spending hours every night video chatting and messaging your friends on iChat.

    Flickr Creative Commons: Rodney Sanches / Via, Flickr Creative Commons: Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta / Via

    Even though most conversations consisted of you and your BFF saying "SOooOOOo..." in different variations back and forth to each other.

    9. Getting super excited when the teacher pulled out scented markers for a class activity.

    Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

    Nothing quite like the wonderful, artificial smell of fruit markers.

    10. Seeing commercials for Floam and realizing you NEEDED it.

    Floam / Via

    Oh yeah, you needed it RIGHT then.

    11. Shopping at Limited Too for your entire wardrobe.

    Limited Too, Limited Too / Via Twitter: @katielawley

    So. Many. Sparkles.

    12. Knowing it was going to be a good day when your gym teacher brought out these scooters

    Walmart, Gopher Sport

    Then quickly realizing that they were overrated.

    13. Hosting High School Musical watch parties at your house:

    Disney, Flickr Creative Commons: b r e n t / Via

    The High School Musical premiere was the best day ever!

    14. Making new friends in public places while on your Nintendo DS.

    Flickr Creative Commons: Mighty June / Via

    PictoChat was the old-school iMessage, but without read receipts.

    15. Using your parents' BlackBerry to play Brick Breaker.

    MrMummy11 / Via

    Before iPhone games existed, this was all that you had.

    16. Making fortune tellers with your friends to determine your undoubtedly true fate.

    Public Domain

    No need for a traditional Fortune Teller back in the '00s.

    17. Begging your parents to buy you Moon Shoes, but literally never getting them.

    Big Time Toys

    18. Playing Four Square at recess, even though some kids took it WAY too seriously.

    Flickr Creative Commons: Jordan Dent / Via, Flickr Creative Commons: U.S. Naval Forces Central / Via

    19. Playing games on Miniclip.


    Club Penguin was the top priority, though.

    20. And finally, collecting Silly Bandz and trading for the best ones you didn't have yet.

    Wikipedia Commons / CC BY 2.0 / Via, Flickr Creative Commons / mikeporterinmd / Via Flickr: mikeporterinmd

    Still not sure why these were a thing