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18 Times Food Lied Straight To Your Face

Lyin' no good FOOD.

1. Baby carrots are just normal carrots shaved down.

2. Ramen is for TWO PEOPLE (?!).

3. Grape-Nuts aren't made from grapes or nuts.

No one knows for sure why they're called Grape-Nuts, but some people have surmised it's because they look similar to grape seeds.

4. Subway's footlong subs are more like 11-inch-long subs.

5. You can't trust half the shit you read on a package.

6. The perforation on a cracker is more like a loose suggestion than a break line.

7. Cup of Noodles isn't as full as you think it is.

8. Every Froot Loop tastes the same, despite the color differences.

Lewis Wright / Getty Images

They all taste like "a blend of fruit flavors" aka FROOT.

9. Twinkies CAN expire.

10. Most wasabi we consume in the US has little to no actual wasabi in it.

Olgakr / Getty Images

It's a mixture of horseradish, mustard, and food dye.

11. Double Stuf Oreos are not double the stuff.

12. Orange juice has to be flavored like oranges because it loses its taste during processing.

Unless, of course, it's fresh squeezed.

13. Decaf coffee still totally has caffeine in it.

14. Bottled green tea, which is often marketed as being a healthier alternative to soda, can have as much sugar as a Coke per serving.

15. These boxes only exist to mock us.

16. Certain red candies are dyed with carmine, which is harvested from the cochineal beetle.

I guess that means Skittles aren't vegan?

17. These tabs have never worked in the history of humankind.

18. And obviously everything you see on a fast food commercial is the stuff of fantasy.