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Updated on Aug 7, 2018. Posted on Jul 26, 2018

Would You Rather Be Rich Or Famous?

You can't have both!

  1. Would you rather have $20K or 2M Instagram followers?

  2. Would you rather find $5 on the ground or get recognized in a restaurant?

  3. Would you rather star in a movie or own stock in Apple?

  4. Would you rather have your favorite celebrity's phone number or own a small but profitable media company?

  5. Would you rather be on the cover of a magazine or be able to afford a penthouse apartment for a year?

  6. Would you rather win an Oscar or win the lottery?

  7. Would you rather get invited to A-list parties every weekend or get a royalty check for $500 every month?

  8. Would you rather deal with the paparazzi or deal with the IRS?

  9. Would you rather have fans dying to meet you or investors dying to give you money?

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