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    Would The Original "Addams Family" Be Less Creepy In Color?

    There's photo evidence that it might. Via Cult of Weird .

    Here's The Addams Family set as you probably remember it:

    MGM Television

    Spooky, right?

    There was a NOOSE in their frickin' living room.

    MGM Television

    At least have the decency to keep your noose in the garage, Addams!

    And DEAD THINGS everywhere!

    MGM Television

    I bet they come alive at night and prey on the souls of children.

    And sweet wontons, is that an actual PORTAL TO HELL?

    MGM Television

    *Screams* *Faints* *Gets sucked into hell portal*

    Here's the set in full color:


    It looks vaguely like the set of iCarly or something.

    Which is arguably less scary.

    So for the first time in the history of history, be thankful black & white TV existed.

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