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Darrell From "Can I Have Your Number" Was Played By A Woman

Nicole Randall Johnson deserves a thousand Oscars for this performance.

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If you, like me, were a teen in the mid-aughts, "Can I Have Your Number" was the most important sketch in the history of comedy, let alone MadTV.

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It tells the harrowing tale of a man named Darrell trying to obtain the telephone number of an attractive young lady in a movie theatre.

It featured perfect gems of comedy writing like: / Via MadTV




And of course: / Via MadTV


And lest we not forget:

Inspiring. / Via MadTV


The YouTube clip has 30 million hits and counting. It's a cultural institution, an Important piece of American art. / Via MadTV

So it's pretty cool that Darrell (spelled like Darrell but pronounced da-RRELL) was played by Nicole Randall Johnson, who is clearly not a man: / Via Dana Patrick

Dana Patrick Photography - © 2013

This is some Daniel Day Lewis-level shit:

MadTV / / Via Dana Patrick Photograph /

Brava, Nicole. Bra. Va.

Unsurprisingly, Johnson is still killing it with sketch comedy. Here she is playing Michelle Obama's anger translator on Key & Peele:

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👏 👏 👏

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