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23 Words That Mean Something Totally Different When You're In A Long-Term Relationship

I don't even remember how to flirt.

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3. Spooning

What it usually means: Sleeping in each other's arms, sometimes for an entire night.

What is means now: Something you do for about two minutes until someone's arm goes numb, and you roll to opposite corners of the bed to actually sleep.


4. "We should go out"

What it usually means: A casual way to ask someone you're interested in to go on a date with you.

What it means now: What you say to your S.O. when you realize you've been indoors for an entire weekend and you can't remember what sunshine looks like.

5. Considerate

What it usually means: Being thoughtful. For example, waking up early to cook breakfast for someone because they have a big job interview.

What it means now: Being thoughtful. For example, leaving the room to fart.

7. Fighting

What it usually means: A regrettable exchange of words, crying, calling your mom, "thinking about things," grand apologies, vows of forgiveness, make-up sex.

What it means now: Twenty minutes of salty comebacks until someone cracks a smile, make-up sex.


11. Giving each other space

What it usually means: Taking an emotional break from your relationship to reevaluate your future together.

What it means now: Making room at the bathroom sink so you can both brush your teeth before the commercial break is over.


12. "A friend of mine"

What it usually means: Your friend. A friend you made during your lifetime.

What it means now: You or your S.O.'s friend. A friend one of you made during one of your lifetimes, although it's difficult to remember whose because you collectively own the friend now.

14. "It's not you, it's me"

What it usually means: A generic phrase used to gently break up with someone.

What it means now: Something you say when you realize that B.O. you've been teasing your S.O. about is coming from your own armpits.


20. "I love you"

What it usually means: An expression of deep admiration.

What it means now: Something you add after saying, "I know you were technically in bed first but can you turn the lights off because I'm soOoOoOo tired."

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