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What's Your Favorite Urban Legend?

Share your spine-tingling tales.

What's your favorite urban legend?

Something that sends tingles down your spine every time you hear it? / Via BBC America

Maybe it's a classic that we all know, like Bloody Mary. / Via Paramount Pictures

Say her name three times into a mirror in a dark room and she'll appear just behind your shoulder, face dripping with blood, mouth fixed in a silent scream.

Or maybe it's something specific to your region, like the Jersey Devil. / Via

The 13th child of the Lead family, cursed by his mother for being the son of the devil, will forever terrorize the Pine Barrens.

Or maybe it's even more local, like Bobby Mackey’s Hell Portal in Wilder, KY. / Via

They say demons can transfer dimension to dimension inside that honky tonk bar.

We want to hear the creepiest urban legend you know! So share it in the comments, and it could be featured in a BuzzFeed post or video!