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What It's Like To Be Romantically Attracted To Pizza

Is it hot and steamy in here, or is it just pizza?

The first time you tasted pizza, something incredible happened.

The cheesy, saucy goodness transported you to another dimension.

You instantly knew you had fallen in love.

And you fell hard.

Things that used to be important to you fell by the wayside.

You lost faith in your other relationships.

You basically stopped caring about anything that wasn't pizza.

Because nothing ever felt as fulfilling as a nice slice of 'za.

You were in deep, my friend.

Things started to get...weird.

You never wanted to be far away from pizza.

It occupied your dreams.

You craved it constantly.

You wanted it. You needed it. Any way possible.

You wondered if you had a problem.

But can true love ever be wrong?

Sure, you were different from others.

But that doesn't mean what you were feeling wasn't real.

You can't help who you are!

So own it, you pizza-lovin' monster!

LOVE that pizza!

Say "Yes, Pizza. I WILL marry you!"

AND BE PROUD! Because many will never know a love like yours and pizza's.