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12 Celebs With Super Awesome Body Quirks


1. David Bowie has a radical pupil that's always dilated.

2. Stephen Colbert has the cutest floppy ear in all of human history.

3. Matthew Perry has a bad-ass middle finger from a car door incident.

4. Tom Cruise has a totally unique, asymmetrical smile.

5. Kate Bosworth has THE COOLEST eyes ever. One is brown and one is blue.

6. Billy Corgan's hands are awesomely two-toned because of a birthmark.

7. Padma Lakshmi absolutely ROCKS her arm scar. Scars are just tattoos you earn, people.

8. Tyler Posey has the world's most adorably crooked chin.

9. Tommy Lee has EXTRA lips! Super human.

10. Vince Vaughn has a really interesting looking thumb. He lovingly calls it his penis thumb.

11. Karolína Kurková has no belly button! How AMAZING is that?!

12. And as if it were possible for Tina Fey to be any cooler, she has an incredibly bad-ass scar on her chin.

Embrace the things that make you YOU!!!