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25 Warning Signs That You're In A Dependent Relationship With Your Bed

Take this survey to find out if you are irrationally obsessed with your bed.

1. Does the sight of warm, cozy bed fill you with feelings of longing?

2. Do you rely on your bed for emotional comfort?

I love the way my bed hugs me and I appreciate my blankets soft cuddles



I love the way my bed hugs me and I appreciate my blankets soft cuddles

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3. Have you uttered these words?

4. Are you suspicious that others are trying to sabotage your time with your bed?

5. Do you hate leaving your bed?

6. So much so that it makes you emotional?

7. So much so that it makes others emotional?

8. Have others expressed that you spend too much time with your bed?

9. Is this your biggest fantasy?

10. Is your bed the first place you go after a long day?

11. Do you find yourself appreciating your bed more than you appreciate other human beings?

12. And does reuniting with it bring you joy?

13. Feelings of extreme happiness?

14. Pure ecstasy?

15. Has your bed taken over your social life?

16. Do you derive pleasure from spending an inordinate amount of time in it?

17. Have you deluded yourself into believing that your bed wants you to stay in it?

18. And that it needs you more than you need it?

19. Or that leaving your bed is beyond your control?

20. Does it take a lot to get you out of bed?

21. Do you see no point in leaving your bed?

22. Does the comfort you experience in your bed outweigh the comfort of the outside world?

23. When you do leave your bed, do you feel like it wasn't worth it?

24. Is this the only thing you have to say when others ask you about your interests?

25. If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may have: