16 Voice-To-Text Fails That'll Have You Lollin'

    [Siri voice] I didn't quite get that...

    1. M—Mom...?

    2. He meant "slushy."

    3. El oh el period.

    4. Speak clearly!

    5. "Awesome."

    My almost 60yo dad trying to figure out voice to text at almost midnight

    6. Whoa, are you OK?

    7. Definitely not safer:

    My mom likes to use voice-to-text while driving because it's "safer." I think it's quitting time.

    8. Motivation vegetables are an important part of a balanced diet:

    9. Good strategy:

    10. She's always listening...

    11. Everything OK?

    12. Excuse me?

    13. "Egg nor all that."

    14. Your frustration is palpable.

    15. Cleaned a lot of what now?

    16. I see your point.