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The 21 Most Aggressively American Things To Ever Happen On The Internet

Happy birthday to the greatest country in the universe!

1. When moon man Buzz Aldrin uploaded this photo:

2. This toast to the U.S. of A.:

Obama: We need to leave, Joe. Biden: IMMA TOAST TO 'MERICA Obama: Let's just go, Joe. Biden:

3. This winning attitude:

Rocking my nike socks under my combat boots just in case a terrorist wanna mess around an get dunked on.

4. This totally hypothetical situation:

5. This oversimplified but not inaccurate version of history:

6. This guy who brought his gun to a Walmart photo session:

7. When this theater found a way around not being able to show The Interview:

…but now we'll be showing TEAM AMERICA in it's place…for FREE(DOM). Because AMERICA, F YEAH.

8. When this commenter got a big dose of America in his face:

9. Whenever the United States skips alphabetical order like God intended:

10. This lesson in universal standards:

11. This chill hangout sesh:

You ever been so 'Murica' you hang out with mutha fuckin bald eagles?!

12. This freeborn mathematician:

13. This patriotic soccer fan:

14. This reminder of our principles:

15. This saluter of the flag:

16. This polite correction:

17. This unpretentious etymology:

UK - We call it Autumn, from the French word "autompne" and later, the Latin "autumnus" USA - WE CALL IT FALL BECAUSE LEAF FALL DOWN

18. This flawless logic:

19. This beautiful assembly of the people:

20. This calm patriot:

When you flip your moms car but you still ain't worried cause you live in the Greatest country known to man. 🇺🇸

21. And whoever Snapchatted this all-American sign placement: