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18 Unexpected Ways To Enjoy Sangria

There's no wrong way to consume the nectar of the gods.

1. Sangria Jell-O Shots

Bring 'em to a barbecue and win the coolest guest award. Instructions here.

2. Frozen Sangria

If only 7-Eleven would add this to their Slurpee flavors, we'd be set. Instructions here.

3. Sangria Popsicles

Satisfy the kid in you and the adult in you. Basically, satisfy you. Instructions here.

4. Mambo Taxi Cocktail

What's better than sangria? Sangria blended into a frozen margarita, of course. Instructions here.

5. Sangria Soup

This beats chicken noodle any day. Instructions here.

6. Super Bulldog

Sangria + frozen margarita + dos Coronitas = a very happy you. Instructions for bulldogs here; to make it a super, just add a cup of sangria!

7. Savory Sangria

This one combines basil and ginger with white wine for a zesty flavor. Instructions here.

8. Champagne Sangria

Summer weddings, anyone? Instructions here.

9. Spicy Sangria with Grilled Fruit

Hot sauce in your sangria? Don't knock it till you try it! Instructions here.

10. Sangria Fruit Salad

If your favorite part of sangria is munching on the fruit, this recipe is for you. Instructions here.

11. Sour Sangria

12. Sangria Salad

Nothing wrong with a booze-inspired salad. Still healthy, right? Instructions here.

13. Minty Sangria

The definition of refreshment. Instructions here.

14. Sangria Cake

Tastes as good as it looks. Instructions here.

15. Sugar-Free Sangria

16. Sangria Cupcakes

Om nom nom, amirite? Instructions here.

17. Frozen Grape Sangria

You use frozen grapes instead of ice. GENIUS! Instructions here.

18. Hard Cider Sangria

If you hate wine but love sangria, you lived a pretty hard life up until now. But no longer. Instructions here.

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