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    22 Unexpected Things That Happen When You Run Your First Half Marathon

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

    1. The starting line is incredibly anticlimactic.

    2. There are a lot more psychopaths who want to run 13.1 miles than you'd think.

    3. Every sign makes you laugh or cry.

    4. But there are some signs that make you irrationally angry.

    5. Drinking from a cup while running is waaay harder than it looks.

    6. But crushing an empty cup in your fist and tossing it on the ground makes you feel like a BOSS.

    7. People three times your age keeps you psyched.

    8. Running down a closed-down is road surprisingly good motivation.

    9. Seeing how many non-runners come out to watch the race humbles the heck out of you.

    10. The "runner's high" is a completely real thing!

    11. But unfortunately, so is "hitting the wall."

    12. You want to marry every race volunteer.

    13. Porta potties seem like five-star accommodations.

    14. You get blisters the size of quarters.

    15. Your thighs chafe raw.

    16. Your nipples bleed.

    17. As tired as you feel after 13.09 miles, that last .01 mile will give you new life.

    18. Wearing a medal sounds cheesy, but it's actually the coolest feeling in the world.

    19. The shiny silver space blankets work really well to stop runners from shivering in their damp, sweat-soaked clothes.

    20. Unexpected foods, like hot dogs, are terrific pick-me-ups after the race.

    21. You'll never drink a better-tasting beer than the one you have after the race.

    22. You immediately want to sign up for the full.